Pilates for Emotional Wellbeing to help address Anxiety, Depression or the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Harmonise your nervous system with somatic movement & Meridian pressure points.  The class will focus upon stretching Pilates/Shiatsu exercises, will be part of the program, where participants in the workshops will interactively learn how and why we should attempt to balance our vital organ energy through meridian stretches.

The focus will be on learning techniques to tone the Vagus nerve, (is the cranial nerve that connects the brain to many important organs in the body e.g. gut, stomach, heart, and lungs.

At the end of each class there will be a guided Meditation exercise, to have participants leave each class harmonized in mind, body, and spirit.

For more information about the course and the sessions, please contact the College on 02 4984 1011

Course Commences:  Friday 21st June – Friday 2nd August

Classes:                            7 x Sessions

Time:                                 10am – 11.30am      

Cost:                                  $170    

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat if you have one or one will be supplied.

Enquire, evening courses may be available.