The College Garden

The Tomaree Community College garden space 

The start up of the garden came about from an enquiry by a local resident asking if she could use a small amount of land 2m X 2m to plant some vegies and herbs due to living in a unit.  

The garden has been utilised on the privately owned land for a number of years by a handful of residents.

Progress for the  College is to build a new Pre-school and long day care service.

This has been achieved by a successful application of a Grant.

This will create employment, education for students  and much needed childcare places for families in the community.

The current garden space is now in use for  the  children and will  be part of programming. The garden will be utilised by the Pre-school children, educators and families, other pre-schools and students. The space will also be used for our OSHC (out of school hours care).

Our garden is popular among the Out of School Hours care children that are enrolled at the service. The garden space can be used by enrolled students during their course hours to relax amongst the tranquil grounds on breaks.