Student Code of Conduct

Tomaree Community College recognises that;

  • Students recognise other peoples’ human worth and dignity;
  • The student’s right to learn in an appropriate environment and that all people using the ACE service have a right to be free from any form of harassment, victimisation, bullying and/or discrimination, including racial vilification or disability discrimination;
  • Students are required to dress appropriately, keeping in mind the nature of the course they are attending. Dress should reflect industry and community standards;
  • Students should come to class sober and drug free. Tomaree Community College facilities are Non-Smoking as per Department of Education Guidelines;
  • Students have a right to have their learning needs to be known and addressed by the teacher;
  • Students pay all fees and charges associated with the course. Should this cause hardship the student can discuss the matter with the course coordinator when other payment arrangements may be possible;
  • Students have the right to expect a competent tutor and achieve the expected course outcomes;
  • Students have the right to be re-assessed if the competency is not achieved first time;
  • Students are responsible for personal possessions while attending the course, and
  • Each student is expected to take responsibility for cleaning and tidying their work area at the end of each session and assisting with general class/venue tidying.
  • Training rooms must be left neat and tidy;
  • Furniture to be arranged as it was at the beginning of the session;
  • Mobile phones to be turned off during all sessions, and
  • Eating and drinking not permitted in training rooms or at practical sessions.

The student lounge is for the convenience of all students. Please keep it clean by washing up your own utensils etc and putting them away, as well as placing all rubbish in the bin provided.

  • Students have the rights to normal privacy afforded all citizens in personal matters;
  • Students have a right to a prompt refund of course fees in accordance with the refund policy;
  • Students should report all injuries or incidents of harassment by another student or tutor promptly to the co-ordinator and ensure a written report is kept in the incident record book, and
  • A discipline policy is available that outlines how breaches of the above code of conduct will be dealt with.


If you have any questions, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our office staff during business hours 9:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday.