Frequently Asked Questions

Course Enrolment

Q. How is the College dealing with COVID - 19


Tomaree Community College is currently following directions from all Government bodies in relation to keeping all students and staff safe during this difficult time with COVID – 19.

In relation to the current social distancing requirements, we have all been advised to keep 1.5 metres apart, therefore training rooms here at the College have been set up to ensure this distance between each student is achievable.

We encourage that all students take responsibility for their own health and the safety of others during this time.

If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms including, fever, flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue or shortness of breath, we ask that you contact the College to postpone your training.

We also ask if you have recently returned from international travel or have been in contact with someone that has, that any training here at the College be postponed.

We encourage all new enrolments at this time to take place either online, or by calling the College directly on (02) 49841011.

Please note for all courses that have been completed so far in 2020, all certificates will be emailed directly to students within 7 days of course completion.

For more information about changes to Education, Skills and Employment please visit the Departments website

Q. How will I know if my course is running?

Answer:  All courses run according to sufficient numbers some course are run with as little as 6 and some as large as 20. You are required to contact the college 2 days prior your course start date for final confirmation.

Q. How far ahead of my course do I need to enrol and pay?

Answer: At time of enrolment

Q. Can I enrol over the phone, email, website, in person?

Answer: Yes to all of the above. An enrolment form is required for each course and each person.

Q. Is there any pre-requisites or entry requirements?

Answer: Yes there are some courses that require pre-reading material and some that require a complete unit of competency e.g. Barista requires food handling as a pre-requisite. You will be notified at enrolment if you are required to do any pre course reading etc.

Q. How will I find my classroom after hours for an evening course?

Answer: On the first night you will be shown to the room allocation for the course.


Q. If my course has started and I have found that I can’t make it to the course can I get a refund?.

Answer:  No once the course has started the funds have been committed and cannot be refunded or transferred.

Q. I have found that I cannot do the course a couple of days ahead of the course start date because of personal circumstances, can I get a refund?

Answer:  No. You can be transferred to the next course in the next term only. You are required to put in writing to the CEO the reason for not being able to attend the course. You are only able to be refunded if you pull out 7 days before the start date.


Q. Where can I park my car?

Answer: There is designated lined parking for all students at the back of the buildings, alone side the church. The parking apposite the police station in front of the buildings 1 and 2 are for staff, seniors and people with a disability.

Q. Am I able to keep my art and craft supplies at the college between classes?

Answer: No. There are no facilities/storage areas to keep students belongings safe and undamaged you are required to bring along your course materials to each class.

Q. Is coffee and tea supplied during course breaks?

Answer: Yes if a course is longer than 3 hrs you will have a break and tea and coffee is supplied. If you are enrolled in a long course that runs for a series of weeks you may wish to bring along you own mug for hygiene purposes.

Q. Is there student facilities to prepare food during breaks?

Answer: There is a student’s bay in all buildings with a fridge. There is not any cooking/preparation areas. You may wish to bring prepared food and place in the fridge labelled. There are cups, tea, coffee, and milk only.

Q. What happens if I arrive to my course and there is no one present and the building is not open?

Answer:  Your course may have been cancelled and you did not ring 2 days prior to confirm you course is running. You will have been sent a phone txt, emailed and message left on an answering service. TCC makes every attempt to contact enrolled students to inform of any changes. There is an after hours mobile number located on the front door of the office.


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