Community Garden

The Tomaree Community College Community Garden was originally formed to allow people who do not have space to plant a garden at their homes to come together and to ‘garden’ at their leisure – this being flowers, succulents, vegetables etc.

Our garden is popular among the more Senior members of our Community, however people of all ages are welcome. We found that most Community Gardens have a Communal Garden in which herbs, fruit trees etc are gown.

The cost is $22.00 per calendar year to belong to this garden, however to pay membership alone does not give members any entitlements. This garden can only exist if the members participate and assist in the garden. The garden is only able to go forward if the members are energetic and are willing to share their expertise, gardening tips and ideas.

Every new members can bring just a little more to the garden with lots of ideas to make a really interesting project

The underlying ideal of this Community Garden is to nurture a group of like minded people who can enjoy not only the garden and their gardening but to also enjoy social gatherings incorporated within the garden.

Garden Produce is available for purchase on Monday Wednesday and Saturday mornings only. 9.00am till 12.00pm